My name is Tjen Wellens.
I learned programming at a young age.
And software development has been a key influence throughout my life ever since then.
  • Starting with trying to build some small games.
  • Experiencing the need for maintainable code, by having to rewrite a project multiple times.
  • Discovering that software development is a team sport.
  • Hearing about agile software development.
  • Getting in touch with the software crafting community, and loving the people.
  • Figuring out that maintainable code, means adaptable code.
  • Learning that teamwork requires communication.
  • Experiencing teamwork in various degrees.
  • Learning that teamwork requires vulnerability and courage.
  • Learning that vulnerability requires psychological safety and emotional awareness.

Programming is both my hobby and my vocation.
"Imagine you have all the money in the world, and didn't need to work, what would you be doing?"
My answer would be:
"The same mostly: programming, reading and talking with interesting people. But probably while living in nicer places."

What keeps driving me are a couple of quests. I'll continue studying related topics and searching for related experiences.